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LEARN WITH PASSION  is the most ideal site for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning to code. We have designed the tutorials for a person to complete in the shortest time possible.

Want to learn how to use a Micro-controller and impress your peers? Or write some Python scripts perhaps to automate your life? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Roboscholar is the site for people who wants to get started on their way to build up a skill from scratch. Who knows you might be sitting in your corner office 20 years from now and thanking us.


We have focused on the most used syntax in almost every tutorial so that a person can get the idea of a subject and work with that as efficiently as possible.

RoboScholar Blog

University students from different educational backgrounds are writing out blogs to share their knowledge with you. We have covered some important and trending topics to write about.

RoboScholar Forum​

Ask your question or suggestion related to Science, Technology, Engineering in our forum and our community will try to answer.

Online Tools​

We currently have our Live HTML Code Editor which will react instantly after you write codes in HTML & CSS. Great tool to test your codes online without any software.


RoboScholar team has come with a great number of quiz questions to testify your skills and ability on what you learned from us.