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Time Travel:The Mystery of Light

Light is a energy and radiation which helps us to see something.We all know that,light runs at a very  high speed, and no other particles can run faster than the light.At present,the most accurate speed of light is counted about nearly 2,99,792.485 kilometers.Now,if light moves at this speed only in one second,how much distance light may pass in a whole year?The number is extremely astonishing,nearly about 9 lakh 40 thousand crore kilometers!This distance is called 1 light year.Now,lets think a fact.The distance between the moon and the Earth is about 3 lakhs and 84 thousand kilometers.Light takes almost 1 second to pass this path because of it’s speed.The most brightest star seen from Earth (After Sun) is the Sirius from Canis Major  constellation.Light takes about 8.6 years to come to Earth from Sirius.However,there are also many stars either in our galaxy or other galaxies in this universe,from where light takes about million-million light years to travel.We usually see a object when light reflects to our eyes from the object.The age of the whole universe is billion billion years.The age of the Earth is about 400 billion years.Undoubtedly,all of the elements of this whole space didn’t create at the same time.Our solar system took birth 4.5 billion years ago whereas our neighbor galaxy Andromeda formed about 10 billion years ago.So light has travelled about 5.5 billion years to reach in the solar system from a star of Andromeda galaxy.There are many many examples like that.Light takes(photons emitted from the sun) about 8 minutes to come to us from sun.If we think deeply,we will see that,we actually don’t see the present shape of sun.We see the 8 minutes past shape of the sun.Suppose,you are looking at the sun at 8 am,you will actually observe the sun of 7:52 am!Similarly,the distance between the Earth and the largest known star UY Scuti is about 5,219 LIGHT years.If you convert this number into kilometer,it will show you a huge number that will give a shock to your brain!So,who said that we cant see the past?Just look above your head ,observe the space,you will see past of million million years.Isn’t it time travel?Maybe aliens try to observe us.Will they see the current condition of Earth?The answer is ‘NO’.They may see dinosaurs or the scenes(Earth) of crore years ago!So,lets do time travel among the stars!

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