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An Insight of Hyperloop -Fascination vs Reality

Everyone has a dream destination to visit at least once in life. But we face many obstacles to reach there. Keeping aside some sensitive causes, long distance and travelling are one of the most troubled ones for people.

Science and Technology is trying to make our life more comfortable and easier from every aspect. Putting a new height to that, one of the amazing thinkers of this 21st century, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has introduced his vision of fastest travelling ever with a supersonic infrastructure called “Hyperloop“.

Hyperloop–What’s that?

Hyperloop is an ultra high speed transportation system that consists of sealed and partially evacuated tubes along with pressurized vehicles known as pods. This ultra fast  commuter will approximately propel passengers and little cargos with a speed of 760mph (1200km/h) at a time. This commuter will hopefully minimize the vast amount of time that generally consumes our precious moments.

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What are the advantages?

Hyperloop is all about mending huge time consumption of people. So, it’s mechanism is mostly centered around the advantages people acquire from it.

  • Speed : The pods of hyperloop can travel with ultra high speed covering long distance in minimum time with the help of contactless levitation and propulsion system along with low pressure environment.

  • Connectivity: This commuter will be able connect mobility hubs in large metropolitan cities to reduce the so called core benefits of megacity. Also, a pathway to build flexible communication port among different countries.

  • Climate Neutral : This system aims to be a eco-friendly mode of transportation with it’s fully electric operations throughout it’s lifetime.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

But is it safe to travel in such speed commuter?

The structure and mechanism of Hyperloop has been designed and planned thoroughly acknowledging all cons and dangers. According to Elon musk and other architects:

         “Hyperloop is highly efficient, with a smaller environmental impact than high-speed rail because the closed system can be tunneled below or elevated above ground, avoiding dangerous at-grade crossings.”


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Any successful experiments?

Virgin Hyperloop is the only company in the world that has successfully tested hyperloop technology at scale Co-founder and chief technology officer of Virgin Hyperloop Josh Giegel and director of passenger experience, Sara Luchian were the first people in the world to ride on this new form of transportation. On 8th November 2020, first human passenger test of Virgin Hyperloop was conducted from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Besides US, countries like: UAE, UK Russia, Sweden, India, Netherlands etc. are trying to pioneer Hyperloop technology.

For better experience check this video:

Hyperloop is like the long waited execution of distant travel problems which tends to huge time loss. Though hyperloop is in the experimental phase,  but we hope in near future hyperloop technology will bring a huge revolution by decreasing the obstacles of travelling from on corner to other of the world. In all, hyperloop will be the string where fascination meets reality. 

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