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Tales of Burger Bite

Tales of Burger Bite

What do you think what burger is? Is it only a food or a food with hundreds emotions? In every bites of a burger you can experiences versatile taste with renovated affection for food.  In a burger bread is soft, sweet and simple gesture that wrapped and hold out every ingredients. When you bite on bread of a burger immediately you can taste a mixture feelings of sweet, sour, and salt with a bit of crunch. Sweet exposes bright taste where sour reminds you to mouthwatering, salt is the queen of taste kingdom where crunch reminds you to freshness of food. Eating a burger is the combination of love, break-up and excitement for passion. You can eat it when romance raises like storm, you can also eat it when your broken heart allow you to fill it with magical taste of burger. A group of innovators bite it to talk for future. Burger is also the Pandora box for health conscious community. Well cooked meat gives you protein where bread is also an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates. Vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce provide significant amounts of vitamins A and K. If you have hunger like mountain, a burger could discharge it. A perfect burger made out of love, emotion and hard-work. Burger binds broken walls like religious diversity, geographical differences and veg vs non-veg problems. A piece of burger can solve every last problem in the world. Take your piece of burger and be happy. Because we have to experience the whole war of life, but with whom? A life partner? No. It’s a piece of Burger.

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