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Getting Started with Robotics:
Basic Circuits & Arduino based Robot Design using Tinkercad.
Fee: 1499 BDT

What you will learn:

  1. Understand basic circuits and simulations
  2. BEAM robotics
  3. Arduino based robot design
  4. More than 12 projects and 4 Robots using simulation
  5. Scratch programming for controlling robots


  1. A computer/Tab/Phone with an internet connection
  2. Enthusiastic and curious mind to learn robotics
  3. Zero Previous knowledge


The course “Getting Started with Robotics: Basic Circuits & Arduino based Robot Design using Tinkercad.” is designed for absolute beginners who are keen to dive into the deep ocean of robotics filled with mysteries. This course is completely interactive which means all the students will make projects along with the instructor. After finishing this course, you will have multiple projects of your own.


Class Length per day: 30 – 60 minutes (May vary and be lengthy according to student need)

Course Fee: 1499 BDT

Start date: 25th November, 2020

Time: 9 PM (Every 7 days)


Course Content:

Day 1: Introduction to robotics and basic circuits – led, button, LDR, motors, batteries

Day 2: BEAM robotics – Make a robot without programming

Day 3: Arduino overview. Control LEDs, motors, sensors with scratch programming and Arduino

Day 4: How to think like a robot

Day 5: Make a Light follower robot

Day 6: Make a line follower robot

Day 7: Make an Autonomous robot car & “Where to go next”


** Course completion certificate Included **

Instructor Details:


Marketing Engineer Intern at Programming Hero.

More than 7 National and International Award Winner.

2 Robots featured on “HackSpace” & “The book of Making (Cambridge)”.

Educational Background: Computer Science & Engineering, Britannia University

Ashraf Minhaj