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All About Pi

The artwork shown was made to illustrate the progressions and transitions between the first 1000 digits of pi. This article is all about this special number.

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Make Steering Wheel Game Controller

Can one single board give you the feel of Gaming Steering Wheel?
Behold! Here it comes people. With just few components you can make one that is super reliable and effective too.

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Md.Jawadul Hasan

An hour of string data structures

string is an array of characters which is very much useful in programming. In this tutorial, I will talk about C++ string along with some special function. string can be declared as a character array or string object. But for Read more…

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Aritra Das

Competitive Programming and Enthusiastic Contests

Short Overview of Competitive Programming Contests  Competitive programming contests are one of the most talked-about topics around the world nowadays. These contests are nothing but mind games or games like puzzled problems related to mathematical logic, data structures, algorithm, computational Read more…

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Machine Learning
Md.Jawadul Hasan

Why Should you Learn Machine Learning?

Machine learning is one of the most talked topics and useful things in the world. So now you may ask the question What machine learning is !! “Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the Read more…

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Pandemic Situation
Rubayet Arafin Rimon


In this 21st century, we have actually faced with many types of a pandemic that changed our lifestyle and settlement system with a large impact on humankind. Even the unplanned design of modern cities is the main big reason behind Read more…

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Arduino Shields
Shojib Bhuiyan

Mostly used Arduino shields by beginners

What are arduino Sheilds? Mostly used Arduino shields are pre-built circuit boards wont to hook up with a variety of Arduino boards. These shields fit on the very best of the Arduino compatible boards to provide additional capabilities like connecting Read more…

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UAV Overview
Muhammad Sabbir

Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

UAVs are closely related to aerial robotics. Over the last 30 years, the number of UAVs in the world has grown exponentially. Most of the applications are in aerial photography, shipping, and delivery. geographic mapping, disaster management, precision agriculture, search Read more…

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Sayem Shahad

Ray tracing: future or just a gimmick?

Back in 2018, Nvidia introduced Ray tracing, an RT core-based rendering technique that enhances visual effects and shadow reflections by tracing the path of light and simulating pixel coloring. In 2018, Nvidia came up with its new RTX cards with Read more…

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